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  • Streamline your meeting structure, discussions, and tasks
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"We scale and grow, and it requires coordination across countries and time zones. If we want to succeed, we need management. FirstAgenda does the job in a simple way that everyone can easily be a part of. The platform is so simple that you can’t do anything wrong."
— Lars Christian Zøhner, CEO
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Better Prep = Better Meetings

FirstAgenda makes preparation for your meeting simple.


  • Collaborate on agendas
  • Assign discussion leaders and meeting tasks
  • Always have the latest updated version at hand
  • Personalized notifications will keep you updated
  • Add documents, highlight, and chat on the agenda

During and Post-Meeting

Good Records + Clear Tasks = Solid Follow Thru

FirstAgenda makes debriefing more personalized and accessible.


  • Assign tasks and action points
  • Integrate your conference call software with FirstAgenda
  • Collaborate on the minutes in real-time
  • Quickly find minute details with keywords
  • Personalize your meeting dashboard
Next Level Productivity

Here's How FirstAgenda Will Help You:

Nurture Teams + Projects

Our platform will help you lead your team meetings and track project productivity. When everyone can easily work together and access materials, action points, and debriefs, your workplace transforms.

Create Insight + Action

Our platform is built to automatically capture meeting data and tasks. The Insights function gives you the data you need to know where and how to make your meeting processes more effective.

Administrate Meetings

Our platform will help you take and share notes, assign meeting discussion leaders, and structure meetings. Plus, we'll auto-record and auto-distribute your meeting minutes and sort them using keywords. Which means that our better platform translates to your better focus in meetings.

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