FirstAgenda and GDPR

We keep your personal data safe

Personal data means any information relating to an identified person including name, e-mail, location, IP-address and much more. The Assistant module is connected to your personal calendar, which contains an incredible amount of personal information. FirstAgenda’s data security complies with even the most stringent of data protection policies. We encrypt all the data handled by our services to ensure your privacy.

FirstAgenda and GDPR

FirstAgenda has an ISAE-3402 Assurance Report on Controls at a Service Organization by PwC. This proves and guarantees that we meet the GDPR’s requirements including self-regulation, IT safety and data protection. Would you like to receive the latest Assurance Report?

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Not only do we care for our own IT safety, we also expect the highest standard of data protection from our suppliers. FirstAgenda operates from the leading providers in cloud hosting. We guarantee a safe and stabile system that meets all requirements in the GDPR.

Every member of the FirstAgenda A/S team must be aware of data protection. We have conducted education and knowledge sharing across the organization to make sure everyone knows about the requirements in the new regulation.

Data security



When using the Assistant module, your data drifts through several systems. We document all data flows to be able to be traceable the origin and the use of the information.


Full transparency is important to us. We take great care in outlining our data protection processes to customers in an understandable language. Please contact us at if you want full insight to our systems. Our team members are always open for a conversation about data protection.

Data protection processes

We stick to our established principles and processes when handling personal data. In addition, we developed a contingency plan in case of a security breach.

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